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Kraków Saltworks Museum in Wieliczka

Kraków Saltworks Museum in Wieliczka



about 10 km from Kraków



The museum has two exhibition spaces:

Saltworks Castle

Wieliczka, ul. Zamkowa 8
phone +48 12 289 16 00

Opening hours:
October – April 8:30am-3:30pm
May – September 9am-8pm

tickets PLN 4/3, family PLN 10,
free admission on Saturdays

Permanent exhibition:

Central Castle the oldest structure of the castle complex was built at the end of the 13th century. It is currently open to tourists. It houses three permanent exhibitions devoted to archaeology, history of the town, and a huge collection of... saltcellars. Visitors can also see a magnificent representative chamber called the Gothic Room.  The other part of the complex accessible to the tourists is a 14th-century guard tower, the only facility preserved from the system of Wieliczka's medieval urban fortifications.

On 23 June 2013, the Saltworks Castle was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List (expanding the entry for the Wieliczka Salt Mine).

Salt Cellars – Small Masterpieces – shepherdesses sitting on baskets, ships complete with sailors, a boy riding a sleigh, a seashell with a Cupid, a car, an aeroplane, a locomotive... Those are just some of the salt cellars on display at the newly opened permanent exhibition.
(photo courtesy of the museum)

Underground exhibition

Wieliczka, ul. Daniłowicza 10
The exhibition has been located on the 3rd level of Wieliczka Salt Mine (135 meters underground). It is accessilbe togetherwith the ticket to the tourist  route through the mine.

Tourist Help Desk: phone +48 12 278 58 49

Opening hours:

  • from November to March: Mon-Sun 8am-5pm
  • from April to October: Mon-Sun 7:30am-7:30pm
Tickets (together with the Wieliczka Salt Mine tourist route):
  • PLN 52/38, family PLN 142 – Polish guided tour
  • PLN 75/60, family PLN 210 – foreign langugage guided tour
Permanent exhibition:
The exhibition features the finest crystals from Crystal Grottos; the horn of the Kopaczy Fraternity from 1534, a symbol of the riches of the old mine; the oldest painting discovered in the mine (Guardian Angel from 1691); the largest machine in the mine, the Polish treadmill (17th century); a model of an ancient saltworks; original pottery used in salt extraction; and a model of Wieliczka as it appeared in the 17th century (permanent).
Information on temporary exhibitions:

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