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Public transport

Krakow is serviced by many tram and bus lines, which make moving around the city (and the neighboring Wieliczka) fairly easy. It is quite a good idea to leave your car outside the city centre and use public transport. Maps of public transport are available on the website of the Municipal Transport Enterprise (MPK), as are the timetables (which can be also found at the bus stops).

All tram and bus tickets must be punched in a ticket machine immediately on boarding a bus or a tram. The validity of timed and daily tickets is specified by the four last digits stamped on your tickets, which show the exact time when you first punched the ticket. If you are using a 20, 40, 60 or 90 min, daily, 2-3 days or weekly ticket you need to punch it only once on your first journey.


Within the city, all trams and the buses numbered 100 to 194, 405 to 482 and 501 to 572, use the city fare. In the buses numbered 200 to 304, the same tickets are used to travel within the city and slightly higher fare is paid to travel in the city agglomeration.

There are discounted tickets in use in Kraków for foreign pensioners up 70 years old, students of foreign universities – holders of ISIC or EURO 26 Student World cards. Children up to 4 and pensioners over 70 (with an ID confirming their age) travel free of charge.

No luggage fares are required.

Variuos types of tickets and their prices are to be found in the table below:

Public transport ticket prices

All tickets can be purchased in:

  • local kiosks (only single journey and hourly tickets)
  • ticket machines at bus stops (in the city centre they can be found at almost all the bus stops; the machines take both banknotes and most coins)
  • ticket selling booths at end stops.
  • in the seasonal tickets sales office e.g. at ul. Podwale 3/5
  • on buses and trams in ticket machines (available only in the new tram or bus models; they take coins only) or with a driver but you must be sure to hand in the correct change.
MPK also sells group and family tickets. For the full variety of fares please visit the MPK website.


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