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Old Town
All Saints’ Square
ikonka niepełnosprawni

All Saints’ Square



between the Franciscan Church and Grodzka Street

The Square today occupies the space between the Franciscan Church, and Grodzka Street. Before the city obtained its charter in 1257, it was a part of a trading settlement together with the adjacent Dominikański Square. All Saints’ Square took its current shape in the 19th century after the demolition of the deserted All Saints’ Church, dating back to the 13th century. A model of the parish church recently erected in the square reminds us what it looked like and commemorates the place where it stood.

Somewhat to the side of the square, there stands the Wielopolski Palace, which has been the headquarters of the municipal authorities since 1864. In 2007, the setting of the square was completed with the modern architecture of the Wyspiański Pavilion conference and exhibition centre designed by Krzysztof Ingarden. The Pavilion also houses one of the Tourist Information Centres.

Standing among the greenery in front of the main entrance to the Municipal Office is a monument to the 19th-century Mayor of Kraków, Mikołaj Zyblikiewicz. It was placed here in 1887 as the result of a whim of one of the influential Kraków deputies. Removed in 1953, it was preserved and returned to its site in 1985. Standing nearby, in the small square in front of the Franciscan Church, is one of the most respected Kraków monuments, commemorating the first mayor of the city from the time of Galician Autonomy, Józef Dietl. The figure of the Mayor, presented in a toga with the rector’s sceptre in hand, is a work of the great Polish sculptor, Xawery Dunikowski.

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