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Cracow by night

Jazz in city squares, loungers on the boulevards – let’s make the most of the summer!...  »

On 16 August, we’ll discover who will be awarded this year’s statuettes of King Casimir the Great and St Jacek with Pierogi, and whether the public and the...  »

Ahead us are two days filled with concerts, exhibitions, lectures and guided walks, intertwining Hebrew psalms, Lemko melodies, Romanesque architecture, Sep...  »

One of the longest-running and most important music events in Poland – the “Music in Old Cracow” Festival – celebrates its anniversary!...  »

The Kraków Live Festival is an excellent opportunity to meet performers from the circles of alternative rock, hip hop and pop. Between 20 and 22 August, the...  »

The highlight and flagship of the city, this pearl of Renaissance architecture is Kraków’s oldest “shopping gallery”. The Cloth Hall is one of the oldest historic sites in Kraków... »

Quite a popular saying once claimed that Nowa Huta can boast two things: good steel and a good theatre. Yet the beginnings of theatrical life in Nowa Huta were difficult... »

Today Wolnica Square is part of the former market square of the city of Kazimierz. The market was staked out with real panache soon after the chartering of the city in 1335. Its size was only a little smaller than that of Kraków... »

A modern conference and exhibition centre whose construction was sparked by an idea of the film director Andrzej Wajda. There are three stained-glass windows in the façade which are based on previously unrealised designs by Stanisław Wyspiański... »

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Historical Museum of the City of Kraków

The wartime history of the factory, its owner Oskar Schindler, and the Jewish prisoners of the Płaszów camp became known primarily thanks to Steven Spielberg... »

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The church is a foundation of King Casimir the Great. It is an excellent example of the Gothic sacred architecture that we owe to a bishop’s anathema... Even...  »


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Kraków Travel - 7th Conrad Festival

7th Conrad Festival


Jonathan Franzen, Hooman Majd, Wiesław Myśliwski and Hanna Krall are the first guests of the 7th Conrad Festival.... »

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